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Winchester 30-30 Empty Spent Brass Bullet Casings Tumbled Cleaned Polished Used Shells Fired Qty 200 | FREE SHIPPING

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WIN 30-30 Empty Spent Tumbled Brass Bullet Casings Used Shells Fired Cleaned Polished Qty 200 | FREE SHIPPING

Qty 200 empty 30-30 polished brass shells.

These empty 30-30 shells have been ultrasonically cleaned, tumbled and polished to a bright shine specifically for the high demands of jewelry making, steampunk or crafting.

Individually inspected for dents, dings and scratches.

These are fired so there may be slight marking/wear from the firing process.

These empty spent brass bullet casings will be shipped in a USPS Priority Small Box . 

These empty shells are yellow/gold in color. Colors may vary slightly due to differences in brass manufacturers. 



Manufacturer: Various

Caliber: Win 30-30

Material: Brass - gold/yellow coloring

Quantity: 200 pieces

Condition: Used

Notes: Head stamps and manufacturers vary

Pictures are of the typical quality, color and condition of the items you will receive.

Please Note: We make every attempt to represent an item's true color, but colors may vary on different monitors and devices or in different lighting situations - we are happy to send additional photos!


This item is not intended for use as ammunition, and are not a sterile container, and should not be used in food service.

This order contains small parts that can dislodge and therefore should not be used or handled by children

Special requests for gauge or quantity welcomed!