About Us

Emptyshotgunshells.com LLC is a small, family run business, (that started out on Etsy as Craft Supplies Depot) that was created out of a passion for recycling and reuse. Repurposing brass and hulls makes us happy!

Whether you making inspiring bullet jewelry, USA flags, wreaths or wedding boutonnieres - We want to hear about your project. Send us some photos. Tell us about it. Email us some links (we'll post them to our boards for you) 

We are committed to providing the best possible service and product available.

All orders are hand inspected and triple checked for quality. No machine sorting here! We weed out dents, dings, rust and fading.

Consistent quality from project to project is our goal.

Oh yeah, and we also like to give a little more that we receive. Whenever possible, we always include "extras" for you in case something slips by us. 

Please do not hesitate to message us if you do not see a product that you are looking to purchase. We're here to help with your ammo crafting project!

If you are in need of shotgun shell craft ideas, check out our ideas page.

Our shells are of the highest quality for crafting projects, jewelry design and decor, they are not intended for use as ammunition. We do not sell any live ammunition.