Remington Cure Light Blue Teal Shotgun Shells Empty 12 Gauge
Light Blue Shotgun Shells Empty
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Teal 12 Gauge Hulls
Shotgun Hulls Tiffany Blue 12GA
Tiffany Blue Shotgun Shells For Sale
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Remington Cure Light Blue Teal Shotgun Shells Empty 12 Gauge

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Remington Cure Light Blue Teal Light Blue Shotgun Shells 12 Gauge Once Fired Hulls For DIY Wedding Boutonnieres And Ammo Crafts - FREE SHIPPING

Color: Teal / Light Blue
Gauge: 12GA
Case Length: 2 3/4"
Manufacturer: Remington Cure
Shipping: Free USPS First Class

Looking for some unique shotgun shells? These Remington Cure empty shotgun shells may be what your looking for. Use these teal hulls with silver colored bottoms to create stunning shotgun shell boutonnieres, wedding decor and other colorful ammo crafts.


  • Headstamps, writing on hulls, and primers may have slight variations.
  • The empty shotgun shells are lightly cleaned to ensure they are free of any substantial dirt and dust. However, please note that additional cleaning may be required depending on the specific needs of your ammo crafting project.
  • These are real empty shotgun shells and have been fired, so expect normal wear and marks from the firing process.
  • The provided pictures are representative of the typical quality, color, and condition of these empty shotgun shells.
  • Please note that while we strive to represent item colors accurately, variations may occur due to differences in monitors, devices, or lighting conditions.
  • For additional information or photos, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • These shells are inert, have no powder, no live primer, can not be fired.
  • Most orders ship within 1-2 business days.

Searching for teal blank shotgun shells to make wedding boutonnieres?

This is NOT AMMUNITION and is sold for crafting, jewelry and creative cosmetic purposes only.