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45 ACP Hollow Point Dummy Rounds With New Bullet

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45 ACP Brass Dummy Rounds With New Hollow Point Bullet Qty 5 | FREE SHIPPING

Realistic Look and Feel These hollow point 45ACP brass dummy rounds are real once-fired casings, recovered, cleaned and polished for a sleek, authentic appearance. The included new 45 caliber projectile adds to the realism of these shells, making them a perfect choice for cosplay, bullet jewelry, ammo crafts, props, or display.

Versatile Display Options Whether you're a collector, hobbyist, or just looking for unique ways to show off your love of firearms, these fake bullets are a versatile choice. Use them in ammo crafts, jewelry, or as a standalone display piece. With a range of creative uses, these inert rounds are sure to impress.

Safe and Inert These dummy bullets are completely inert, meaning they contain no powder or live primer, and can not be fired. This makes them safe to handle, even for those without any prior firearms experience. They are designed for display purposes, so have fun!

Once-fired brass may have normal marks from the firing process, adding to their realistic look and feel.

Manufacturer: Varies
Headstamps: Mixed
Caliber: 45ACP
Color: Brass
Quantity: 5 Pieces

Notes: Headstamps and primer color may vary, measurements are approximate.

Please Note: We make every attempt to represent an item's true color, but colors may vary on different monitors and devices or in different lighting situations.

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