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12 Gauge Dummy Rounds Red
Winchester AA Red Shotgun Dummy Rounds for Crafts Cosplay Props
Winchester AA Dummy Rounds For Props
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Red Dummy Rounds 12 Gauge
Fake Bullets 12GA Red

Winchester AA Red Shotgun Dummy Rounds for Crafts Cosplay Props

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Dummy Rounds Inert Ammunition Fake Bullets For Crafting and DIY Jewelry  12 Gauge Hulls Once-Fired  Shotgun Shells Used Casings 12GA Qty 10 - FREE SHIPPING

Qty: 10
Color: Red
Gauge: 12GA
Manufacturer: Winchester
Shipping: Free USPS First Class

Unleash the Creativity in Your Artistic Vision

Transform your crafts and props into a work of art with the Winchester AA Red Shotgun Shell Dummy Rounds. These replica rounds mimic the appearance and feel of live ammunition, making them the ultimate ingredient for your creative endeavors, whether you're a filmmaker, cosplayer, or art enthusiast. Impress everyone with a touch of authenticity that will bring your projects to life.

Inert and Safe for Dazzling Decorations

Crafted from premium materials, these Winchester AA Red Shotgun Shell Dummy Rounds are inert and safe for use in any decoration or crafting scenario. They offer versatility, making them perfect for enhancing the ambiance of your home, adding flair to wedding centerpieces, or elevating the drama in theatrical productions.

They have been permanently altered, ensuring their safety and reliability as dummy ammo.

A Match Made in Heaven for Your Unique Style

No matter what aesthetic you're going for, these Winchester AA Red Shotgun Shell Dummy Rounds are guaranteed to complement your style. Their classic red design adapts to any ammo project and adds a touch of realism that will make your work stand out. Unleash your unique style with a touch of authenticity.

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We understand the importance of quality and accurate representation, so we make every attempt to show the true color of the item. Colors may vary on different monitors and devices or in different lighting situations.

If you have any questions or would like additional photos, we are happy to assist. Most orders ship within 1 business day.

This item is not intended for use as ammunition and has been permanently altered to ensure safety.

Do not use for training.